Feeder - Weighted Triple-Tube Leaf

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Weighted Triple-Tube Leaf Feeder

I am always looking out for feeders that give exclusive access to the smaller birds and deter larger doves, pigeons and magpies from stealing the food, particularly if I am feeding expensive seeds like sunflower hearts. I also want to deter squirrels wherever possible and this feeder’s weighted design is an innovative way of dealing with this.

 Most feeders only have one seed reservoir, but this one has three, generous reservoirs, each holding around 2 litres of seed. It has a generous, solid, powder-coated lid that unscrews easily.



The feeder is an attractive design. The three seed reservoirs are made of a sturdy, clear plastic and are surrounded by pretty decorative metal work, which doubles up as perches for clinging birds such as the tit family.

There are 9 feeding ports, three within each seed reservoir. Each port has a thick metal, u-shaped perch. This gives birds the option of feeding sideways or head on.




The external metal work is attached via 3 springs, meaning that when a heavy bird lands on the perches, or a squirrel descends the outside of the feeder, the metal work slides downwards and the metal leaves completely block the feeding ports.

 The sensitivity of this can be adjusted by moving the adjustors on the base of the feeder.

 I filled one reservoir with black sunflower seeds, one with sunflower hearts and one with a mixed seed. The greenfinches and goldfinches regularly fed on this feeder, enjoying the sunflower hearts / black sunflower seed mix I put inside. Blue, great and coal tits also visited, along with nuthatches. They soon get to know that there are different seeds in each port and move around the different ports until they locate their preference!



 This feeder looks great in the garden and, if you are a little short of space, allows you to offer a range of food in one place. The woodpecker has now discovered it and seems to love the metal exterior as it is perfect for clinging to!



·      Sturdy metal lid, base and external frame

·      3 separate thick, plastic seed reservoirs

·      9 feeding ports (3 for each reservoir)

·      Weighted activated seed protection

·      Feeding ports close under squirrel or large bird’s weight

·      Metal, u-shaped perches

·      Holds  approx. 3 litres of seed in each reservoir

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Fantastic Feeder
5 product stars

Love this feeder . One of the best Anti Squirrel feeders I have purchased to date . Only ever has birds feeding on it . Liked by Nuthatches , Finches , Tits and Woodpeckers

Posted by HappyNatureGarden @brynature on 20/05/2014

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