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Copper Meadow Feeder

I rarely go for the more decorative feeders in my patch, as I tend to prefer functionality to appearance, but this feeder has performed well and has been popular with a range of species.

The feeder comes in 2 sizes and is made of a sturdy, thick plastic and then covered by a copper-effect metal decorative framework that provides the perching opportunities.

 The six (small)  or eight (large)  feeding ports are deep and offer plenty of space to access the seed.

The lid is metal and twists to form a lock, stopping squirrels from easily opening the top. The internal funnel is plastic and shaped so it was easy to fill this feeder. It holds just over a litre of sunflower seeds for the smaller feeder and nearly 3 litres in the larger model. I trialled it with black sunflower seeds and then a mix or sunflower seeds and hearts but it would work well with a variety of different seed mixes.

The decorative framework forms places for the birds to cling to feed, so is more suited to the more agile of our birds, such as the tit family and the nuthatches. The Great Spotted Woodpecker soon discovered it as well and returned again and again to feed!

The finches found this feeder a little harder to use as there was no external perch as such. Having said that, the goldfinches and greenfinches soon learnt to hang on the metal bars above the ports to feed.



For those who want something a little more attractive and decorative in the garden, that still performs well, then this feeder may be what you are looking for! I think it would make a lovely gift as well.

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